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Wedding and Honeymoon!!!

Posted: October 9, 2009 at 1:47 pm
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Wow! what a two weeks! They have been busy and eventful and fun and thus have flown by. In those two weeks Sarah and I have gotten married and been on our honeymoon. There is so much to talk about with the wedding story and the honeymoon review. So buckle down and get ready for it!

Sarah and I started our holidays on Monday September 21st, one week before the wedding. During that week we finished the last bits of the preparation for wedding. We had to build the table cards and lollipops that were given to our guests, make final design decisions, make CD’s for the band to play when they took breaks and that doesn’t even include the rehearsal and hall setup.

On Thursday September 24th we had the rehearsal at the church. That went fairly well but we felt we were rushed a little because there were three rehearsals scheduled that night. We flew through the ceremony in minutes and all of us were confused as to what to do. The only saving grace was that Father Charlie was nice enough at the actual ceremony to whisper to us what to do! We then went back to my parents place for pizza and wings and beer and a good time.

On Friday September 25th we were at the hall by 10am to set up the tables and chairs and complete the decorations. After a few trips to the beer store and a lot of work by our wonderful bridal party we had the place done and ready to party.

Saturday was an amazing day. We were all up early to get prettied up and dressed up for the big day. The photographer was at my place by 8:30am. A few pictures and a few shots of brandy later the guys were ready to head to the church. The girls met us there and we were ready to get married.

The ceremony was like any other wedding ceremony, beautiful and tear filled. I made it through the entire thing without breaking down. Wish I could say the same for the rest of the people in that church. Once the ceremony was done we took pictures outside the church and at Gage Park in Hamilton. It started to rain a bit so we headed into the greenhouse that we booked for the rest of the pictures. I’m sure those will be amazing.

After pictures we went back to the hall for some partying. As Sarah and I arrived our guests started to come through the door which was perfect timing. By 7pm we were ready to start the entrances and sit down and eat. Sarah and I had our first dance to When I Said I Do by Clint Black. Yes its a country song but listen to it, the lyrics are perfect and I’m glad we choose it.

Dinner was a blur. There was so much going on that Sarah and I barely ate. We spent some time going around to the tables and talking to our guests and making sure all was OK. Before we knew it, it was time for dancing, but not before I had the most nerve wracking point of day, my thank you speech. I got through it alright, thanking everyone I needed to thank without breaking down.

By 1am out limo had arrived to take Sarah and I home for much deserved rest. We got home and fell asleep almost too easily, but who can blame us after the day we had.

The next day we went back to the hall for a luncheon that was meant to party some more as well as finish up the leftover food. Sarah and I didn’t eat much there either. We spent most of the afternoon going through our gifts and sorting out the financials at the bank. By dinner time we were home and finishing packing for Aruba.

Wedding pictures from Sarah’s and my camera can be seen here.

Now for the honeymoon in Aruba. There really isn’t much to say here. We laid on a beach for a week and had drinks served to us. What more can you ask for on a honeymoon? It was hot and windy on Aruba and that made things a little uncomfortable but by no means did it ruin the vacation.

The Riu Palace on Palm Beach is very nice and clean and is recommended for a stay if you have the chance. I will admit that the ocean view suite we had was a bit overkill and you could get away with a less expensive room and still have the same experience. Other then that Aruba was incredible and fun and a well deserved rest.

Aruba pictures are here.

That’s really all I have for now. The house is coming along quite nicely and now that the wedding is over we will have more time to do the little things we have been wanting to do for the past few months in the house. I know I say it on every post and then every time I wait two months to post again but now I really honestly have more time to blog more. I want to talk about my Windows 7 experience a bit as well as other technological topics. I have more ideas on how to improve the photo gallery. So check back soon please.

Till then Ciao!

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