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Moved In! (but work is not done….)

Posted: August 8, 2009 at 9:44 pm
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I write this as I sit in the kitchen of my new house!!! Yes my new house! On Wednesday August 5th Sarah and I picked up the keys to our very own home. It was a happy and exciting time but it wasn’t without its tribulations as well.

The biggest problem was that two clauses within the sales contract were not fulfilled by the seller. Namely the pool was not in working condition and the tiles in the basement bathroom were not completed. Not only that but there was a bit of junk and even some furniture left in the house. So we spent some time videotaping the status as it was when we walked in as well as taking pictures. I have watched enough Peoples Court and Judge Judy to know to bring my camera.

So now we wait for the lawyers to sort it out. We would gladly allow the sellers to come back and pick through the junk and take what they want if they so choose. I seriously doubt that they care about the loss of the stuff and that the junk is now ours. We do want and need a resolution to the pool and tile situation.  I have pictures of the mess in my gallery.

I have been wondering though what to do about that. Do we sue to recover the cost? Will the sellers agree to just pay us to have a professional do it? Is it even worth it to go to court? The legal fees are more then it will cost to fix the pool and finish the tiles. I’ll have to wait till Monday to call the lawyer again and sort it out.

Now for the good news. in the past 2 days Sarah and I have moved all our stuff from our parent places over to the new house. We painted the bedroom, and got bedroom furniture. We had cable, internet and phone installed and received and installed a washer and dryer.

Over then next week we plan on painting the living room and maybe the kitchen. The sofa is coming on Wednesday and I would like to purchase a big screen TV this week too. If all goes to plan we will have the upstairs clean and moved in and painted and ready to live in by the weekend. I also need to go to Home Depot and get a barbeque that on a one day sale on Sunday.

And its a good thing we`ll have it done by the weekend because we plan on having an open house all for one and one for all housewarming party then.  We`ll have some burgers and hot dogs and some booze but if you want to show up BYOB and bring anything that that you want us to cook.

I`ll take more pictures of the completed upstairs later this week. Take a look at the mess. Let me know what you think we should do about the legal stuff in the comments. Hope I see ya on Saturday August 15th. Show up anytime in the afternoon!


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