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The Wedding Plans

Posted: April 14, 2009 at 4:00 pm
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Well as promised last week I’m back with the details of the wedding plans.

Being just 5 months and a bit away you would think that Sarah and I would be 100% set on the wedding plans and have everything booked and confirmed. Well nope! Actually, its not as bad as I make it out be be but there are still a few things to do.

The biggest and scariest thing is that we still don’t have entertainment. We were going to book a DJ and have them play Croatian songs along with top 40 and oldies. We went to a few stag and does and listened to a few DJ’s and liked what we heard. But we have yet too book something.

The issue with the entertainment is that we are undecided whether we want a live band or a DJ. Ideally I would love a live Croatian band that would play English songs on a 30 minute rotation. My cousin John Sulug is in a band named Hrvatska Mladost and they are amazing. But we don’t want my cousin working on my wedding night. We want him there as a guest to dance and be with his wife and sons.

So after much chatting with my parents I think we are going to look for a band that’s still available for that night and have them play pre mixed CD’s on 30 minute intervals. The challenge here will be finding a band on such short notice, but I’m sure someone will be available. I think this is the best solution to satisfy both sides and I thank Sarah for making the suggestion and going along with it.

The second major thing to be uncommitted is the videographer. We have someone in mind from Insane Raven Studios his name is Brad and he is a friend of Sarahs brother. We saw some samples a while back and he does great work. Apparently he does commercials and stuff so he is very qualified. The issue is getting a hold of him to nail down a contract.

Once those two things are settled we are pretty much home free. That would just leave fairly minor things such as the actual menu, the linen colours, flower arrangements, the drink selections, the grooms and groomsmen tuxes and such. Yes these decisions are important but compared to the two listed above are considerably minor.

So you ask, what we have accomplished?

Well in the past few weeks we have booked our limo bus (a 24 passenger from Mermaid Limo). The 24 passenger is a bit overkill but we got a good deal so why not?

We ordered the bridesmaid dresses last month and Sarah is very happy with those. The color is the berry red that she wants and the dress style fits our girls nicely even though we have all shapes and sizes. We ordered them from Rainbow Bridal, and highly recommend them.

All the arrangements are done with regards to the church ceremony. The musician and the singer are booked. We even already picked the readings, all we have left to decide is who will actually read those readings.

The Bridal Shower will be Sunday June 14 at 1pm at the Croatian National Home. The invitations are printed and just need to be sent out.

The invitations for the wedding itself are in the process of being made. We bought hand made invitations from Invitations By SanSheiras. Sheri is amazingly crafty and professional and gave us a good price. Please check her out and tell her Sarah and Michael sent you.

My stag will be on August 28 at 7pm at St. Gregory the Great Hall in Stoney Creek. Tickets are $20 and are printed and being sold as we speak. I always have some in my wallet to sell and they will be sold at the door. There will be lots of prizes and lots of booze. Please stop by and show your support.

I think that’s all for now.  Check back for more updates and for my new posts about stuff I mentioned in my last update.


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