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I’m Baaaaaack!

Posted: April 6, 2009 at 8:30 pm
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Alright this is not the first time I need to apologize for not posting anything in forever. (See here and here and here). I AM A SLACKER! I get it. You don’t have to remind me. Well I’m back with a vengeance. This time I really want to come back regularly and consistently. I have redesigned the website (which took a lot of time) and I have finally got back in the mood to blog. I have a bunch of topics in mind that I want to bitch and moan about and I finally have the website looking good that I can promote it. So get ready world. I’M BACK!!!

So what the hell have I been doing the past 8 or so months? Your guess is as good as mine. Actually, to be honest, a lot. The wedding plans are what is mostly on my mind. Sarah and I have been spending every waking moment in the past few months planning our September 26th wedding. At this point we have a few minor things to book, the DJ and the videographer. Oh so minor, except that the wedding is in 172 days as of today! Thats less then 6 months!!! Actually we have a videographer in mind but we are just negotiating right now. I’m not too worried about a DJ either but we do need to book it soon. I’ll have a post within the next few days detailing out plans so far. Check back for that.

Something else I want to talk about soon in an extended dedicated post is my iPhone. Now that I’ve had it for more then 8 months I can give a more precise review. With the new firmware updates and months of learning its tricks I have a slightly different opinion then what I posted back in July of last year.

I also have some choice words about computers and software. More notably the new Windows 7 beta that is out and Apple hardware. I have been playing with Windows 7 and I am quite drawn to it. Its Mac like and its stable and sleek and snappy and intriguing. I’ll have a review within the next few weeks, or at least my opinion. I will be in the market for a new computer soon and I have some tough choices to make. Do I stay with the Mac and OS X or do I go back to Microsoft and Windows 7? Well check back soon for that answer and my reasoning for it.

What I want to focus on now is the obvious new look of the website. This is what I have been working on forever as mentioned here. I finally got mad earlier this year and forced myself to sit down and complete the redesign. Hope you like it. Here is the tour….


The new title bar is simple yet functional. It has a simple logo thats just a ‘MP’ thats faded using alpha channels. The search is provided by Google and is way cool. It allows full search of my site and only my site. Put in any search term and you will find anything relating to that on michaelpiskuric.com. It even integrates nicely into my look and feel. Thanks Google.

Below that you see my latest blog post. This is just a snippet of the latest one. To read the entire thing click the “Read More” link at the top right of the box. Speaking of Google you see some ads there that relate to the content of the site. Since I was talking about the iPhone in the latest post you can see an ad for Invisible Shield from Zagg (which by the way I have on my iPhone and love it!!!!)

In the middle you see my latest tweets on Twitter. Follow me at twitter.com/miskopisko. Most of my tweets are useless but sometimes I come up with good stuff. Beside that you see my latest stories dugg on Digg.com. This is a social news bookmarking site. Check it out.

Below those are links to my photo galleries. The photo gallery is something that I have been working on as well over the past while. Its at a stage where its stable and looks good and its functional. I do have plans for upgrades that will make it easier to use on smaller screens and maybe spiff it up a but and make it more functional. Don’t expect that any time soon. Just warning ya.

At the bottom you see links to my bookmarks on delicious.com. This is a site where I can just bookmark things I see as I travel the web that I want to remember later on. Some of these may be useful to you too so check them out too.

And lastly the bottom right has another Google gadget. The calendar is sourced from my online calendar that lives on Google Calendar. My Google Calendar is linked to my own domain through Google Apps and has my personal appointments (which are not shown) and any public things I want to share. Its automatic and clean and I can update it from my Mac and iPhone and from the web. Neat. Thanks again Google!

I have redesigned the look of the blog pages to make it easier to navigate and read. Nothing too special here. I do ask that if you come across pages that don’t work or images that are missing (I know there are a few somewhere) that you let me know. michael@michaelpiskuric.com.

Over the next few weeks I plan on tweaking slightly a few aspects of the site. For example I’m still not fully liking the look of the blog snippet on the front landing page. Also there are slight issues with the look on IE and Firefox and Safari. I’ll be tweaking to make it as uniform across all browsers as I can. Again let me know if you see issues or have tips.

Also I have had an idea of a project I want to work on. I don’t want to talk too much about it now. Mostly because it will raise expectations and we all know how lazy I am, so nothing might come out of it. But I will say that it involves Java and SQLlite and can turn out to be a massive project if I really want it to be. It might even become useful later on in life if I so choose to follow a new career path. Thats all I have to say about that.

Alright I said enough. Off to bed to nurse my cold then work. Its gonna be a busy rest of the week. Easter is this weekend so that should be fun. I have a day off Friday so I’ll try to get that iPhone review post in. Check back on the weekend.

Till then… Ciao.

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