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iPhone Screwjob to iPhone Sellout :)

Posted: July 17, 2008 at 9:55 pm
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OK I have succumbed to the powerful pull of the iPhone and I have gone out and purchased one. Yes I know I was one who complained about the prices and the evil that is Rogers but I am now a customer.

I’ll be honest I’m a little ashamed. I was one of the first 500 to sign the online petition at ruinediphone.com and I sent Rogers a nasty email is detailed in my last post. But dammit its a cool device and I wanted it and I guess I have more money then brains.

I bought it on Monday from the Rogers Wireless store on the corner of Bay and Adelaide in Toronto. I got one of the last 8GB models. The signup and porting of my number was easy. It still took about 30 minutes but I was the only one in the store that morning so it was OK. I was so happy when he took it out of the box because I have waited a year and a half to get my hands on my own phone. Even though I did play with one in the Buffalo Apple store and had to be dragged away by Sarah.

So here’s my review.

In 3 days I have pretty much done and seen every nook and cranny of the device, and I haven’t even scratched it yet!! I really do think it is worth the price. It can do so many things in one tiny little device. There is a phone (of course), and iPod, a GPS unit and and full fledged PDA. All this with a slick and neat interface with a beautiful bright touch screen. What more can you ask for?

The phone oddly enough is the least used of the parts for me. But from the few calls I have made the quality is great. I used the headphone speaker and the person on the other end could hear me fine. Thats the speaker on the headphone cord near the mouth that you can use to talk when a call comes in when you are on the iPod. Its surprisingly good as is the speaker when holding the phone like a ‘real’ phone. I live in a populated area so signal levels are no issue for me.

The iPod is like any other iPod but with a big touch screen interface. The layout is a little different then what I am used to with the iPod nano but I got used to it quick. Nothing really much to say here, its an iPod.

The GPS is interesting. Hit and miss really. Not on the accuracy, because it is very accurate when it works. I find that it has issues getting a lok on the satellites, even when I’m standing in the middle of a wide open parking lot it sometimes fails. Not sure why but the GPS is not the primary function of the iPhone so its not a huge deal. I must say thought that when it does work the accuracy is perfect.

The coolest part in my opinion is the PDA functionality. I can surf the internet on the train and get my email anywhere and the new applications make keeping in touch easy. Here is a screenshot of my applications as they are at the time of posting.

My Apps

My Apps

The applications are a little buggy and some crash and even crash the entire phone, but I’m assuming that Apple is working on fixing that. Another thing that Apple better be working on is the issues with sluggishness on certain functions, especially when typing in the contacts screens and in the settings screens. Sometimes I have to wait 3-5 seconds for a ‘click’ to be recognized and thats not right.

So yes there are flaws. Of course there would be. Any device has missing features (cut and paste) and minor flaws. But this iPhone 3G is leaps above the 1st generation and in my opinion is worth the cost of the phone. The cost of the data and voice plans are still ridiculous but Rogers did cave in a little and thats a start.

I am very happy and I will talk more about the phone here soon after I have had a little longer to play with it. Hopefully Apple patches the issues soon (and chances are they will within the next 2 weeks). I am also looking forward to my InvisibleShield protective skin, to protect from scratches. Thats should be here soon too. I am also looking into new and cool and hopefully free apps to sync my calendar, contacts and tasks with my Mac and Google. Let me know if you know of any.

Thats all I have for now. Hope you enjoyed my review. I know its very quick and very dirty but thats the way I work 🙂


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